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Wall panels for the interior finishing

Wall panels (WallFace) are the material used for the interior finishing, which consists of two layers. The impact-resistant polystyrene is the lower layer (basis). The upper layer (coating) is selected depending on the purpose and effect of the visual decorative panel. For example, paint, varnish, film (PET), artificial polyurethane skin, metallized film, etc. can act as an upper layer. But, regardless of the type of coating chosen, all materials are completely safe, environmentally friendly and do not contain PVC.

Wall panels represented in the catalog of online shop have a number of obvious advantages:

  • Durable. Wall panels are made of quality materials that do not lose their characteristics and presentable external view over many years.
  • Moisture resistant. All wall panels have different degree of moisture resistance, so pay attention to the level of suitability of the panels you choose for the wet rooms.
  • Easy cleaning. Washability of the decorative panels using the domestic chemistry depends on their moisture resistance, the majority of the panels can be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Wear resistant. The majority of the wall panels have an upper layer highly resistant to the mechanical abrasion, but some kinds of coating (for example, artificial skin) can have a low sustainability to abrasion. Please pay attention to this when choosing! Resistant to fluctuations in temperatures up to 60 degrees.
  • Flexible and light. The low weight and possibility of twisting in rolls felicitates the process of shipping and installation of the wall panels. But there are panels, for example of acrylic glass, which do not have such property.
  • Self-adhesive. There is an applied layer of an adhesive on the reverse side of each panel, protected by a special film. But it is possible to order the panels without the adhesive layer, and in some cases on a magnetic basis as well.
  • Easy to cut. Most of the decorative panels can be cut even with the simple knife.

Installation of the wall panels with your own hands

Thanks to the self-adhesive basis finishing with wall panels will not require from you any special skills, time or capital investments. First of all, it is necessary to prepare a clean, dry, flat surface for the installation of the wall panels. Thereafter, during gluing it is necessary to remove an adhering film, which protects the adhesive coating and tightly press panel using a rubber roller to the wall to prevent the formation of blisters. Within a few minutes, the adhesive hardens completely, and decorative panel is ready for use. The sheets up to 2 mm thickness are easily cut with a knife, so you can easily make the wall panel of any the size or shape. To achieve a tight seal, the joints between the panels are filled with silicone.

If there is a need for frequent changes of scenery, that is an application of different wall panels design, for example, for decoration of the exhibition stands and show room it is possible to replace the self-adhesive basis by a magnetic at extra cost. This option implies a special magnetic coating on the surface, to which the wall panels can be easily mounted/dismounted. Due to the fact that modern production and printing technology allows you to create high-quality coating and very realistic designs, the wall panels are widely used not only for the interior finishing, but also for pasting of the exhibition stands, bar counters, furniture, doors, billboards, shop windows, etc.

Catalog of the wall panels with pictures and price

The catalog of online shop presents a large number of the pictures of the wall panels, price, details, and specifications. If you cannot decide what kind of  wall panels to buy, use a sample ordering service. The price of such a request is minimal, since samples are sent by letter. Once the order is delivered, you can see with your own eyes the excellent quality, unique design and compatibility of the wall panels with the interior. In addition, the customer support of the website has a team of professional consultants, who can always give you advice on the choice of color or ornament of the decorative panel.

Buy the wall panels in online shop with delivery

You can ask managers of the online shop all questions concerning the price, methods of payment and purchase. They will help you to buy a wall panels and order their delivery. Fast delivery of goods is carried out in the USA, Canada and around the world. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. The wall panels are rolled with an adhesive side out and packed in a cardboard box for transportation. Such a packaging method is an additional protection of the decorative side of the wall panel from a possible damage during transportation. We wish you successful choice and pleasant purchases!