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Metal mosaic tiles


Metal mosaic tiles

Metal mosaic tiles is a finishing material consisting of metal elements of small size regularly arranged. It can be used for finishing of the walls, floor, floor of the pools, fountains or any other surface, which needs to be protected from the external influences and given with a real metallic shine!
In the continuation of this article, you will be able to find out the advantages and peculiarities of the use of metal mosaic tiles, and the catalog below will help you to make your choice and buy the option that fits your interior in the most harmonious way.

Having appeared only a few years ago, metal mosaic tiles quickly gained popularity in the construction materials market. And it is not surprising, because, in addition to unique design, metal mosaic tiles have also a number of the advantages:

  • Ecological compatibility. Metal tiles are an natural material without any hazardous emissions.
  • Hygiene. The metal coating is not susceptible to spreading various kinds of fungus or mold.
  • Resistance to the environment. Due to the high quality material, the metal mosaic tiles are resistant to UV radiation, extremes of temperatures and perfectly confront any kinds of mechanical influences, and some kinds of mosaic tiles do not change in the humid environment.
  • Durability. Metal mosaic tiles are made of all-metal chips, stamped from sheet metal of high quality. They consist of pure metal and have no plastic inserts, metal-like coatings, ceramic or ferrous metal impurities, whereby the metal mosaic tiles are not fibered and retain a great appearance for years.

Design of metal mosaic tiles in the interior 

Due to the above advantages, metal mosaic tiles are a perfect solution for the design of bathroom, shower room, kitchen and sauna. Mosaic tiles in the interior of the room will make it shine in the truest sense of the word! In addition, metal tiles of certain metals are frequently used for finishing pools or fountains. Since our metal mosaic tiles are an exclusive and expensive product that has no analogues, they are used piecewise. Thus, it is possible to use metal mosaic tiles to finish not the entire wall, but only a part of it.

Many people who choose mosaic tiles for walls ask: "How to lay the mosaic tiles?" Below is a step-by-step description of the process of walls finishing with the mosaic tiles:

1. The first thing to do is to carefully prepare the wall surface. It should be dry, clean, plastered and absolutely flat.
2. The next step is to apply adhesive to the wall. It should be prepared according to the instructions on the package and applied to the wall in a uniform layer.
3. After that, the tiles are laid on the wall. It must be set even and pressed against the wall by lightly tapping with a rubber mallet.
4. Finally, it is necessary to remove the protective film covering the front of the mosaic tiles and, after the adhesive hardens, it is necessary to wipe the seams formed with the special putty.

Catalog with images of the mosaic tiles in the interior of the rooms

If you still cannot decide whether to buy the mosaic tiles, you can order a sample of the product you are interested in by mail and in a calm atmosphere consider how this decorative element will fit the interior of the room. Also, in order to choose metal tiles design, you can always contact the customer support of the web-site and get fast and professional advice on any matter. In addition, you will find a wide variety of pictures of mosaic tiles design in the interior of the room in the catalog and find out the description and specifications of each item. It should also be noted that all metal mosaic tiles, in this catalog, are produced in Australia. Thus, you can buy high quality original Australian metal tiles in online shop!

Buy mosaic tiles in online shop with delivery

The managers of the online shop will help you to determine the price of the mosaic tiles, choose the payment method, make a purchase and order the delivery. Fast delivery of goods is carried out in the USA, Canada and around the world. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. Thus, you can easily buy mosaic tiles in the online shop without even leaving your home! Enjoy your shopping!