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Polyurethane stucco moldings

Stucco moldings are a relief decoration, which is used to decorate the facades of the buildings (stucco moldings for the exterior finishing) and interiors of the premises (moldings for the interior finishing).

Stucco moldings can be made of concrete, gypsum, plaster, papier-mâché and other materials. But in recent years polyurethane stucco moldings are getting more and more popular. Compared with other types, the polyurethane stucco moldings have a number of obvious advantages:

  • Durability. Due to the strength and high quality of material, the polyurethane stucco moldings do not crack, deform, crumble and burn out with the course of time.
  • Ecological compatibility. Polyurethane has no harmful emissions or a bad smell and it is completely safe material.
  • Light weight and flexibility. Polyurethane stucco moldings are very light. There is also an option of stucco molding of flexible polyurethane intended for finishing of convex and concave surfaces.
  • Moisture resistance. Polyurethane stucco moldings are perfectly suitable for premises of increased humidity, as they do not deform in the wet conditions.
  • Resistance to temperature changes. Polyurethane stucco moldings do not lose their properties at temperature up to 70°. There is a separate category of stucco moldings for an indirect lighting. Such stucco moldings are used in combination with Led lamps and daytime lighting.
  • Easy cleaning. Since polyurethane stucco moldings are durable and highly resistant to moisture, they can be washed with the modern household chemicals.

Stucco moldings on the walls and ceiling of the apartment

The following are the main applications  of stucco moldings in the interior of the apartment:

  • The most common applications of the stucco moldings in the interior design is decoration of the walls and ceilings. It is difficult to give specific advice, as the choice of the stucco moldings on the walls or ceilings should be based on the characteristics of each individual room layout. To get new ideas or inspiration, you can view photos of stucco moldings on the walls at the catalog of online shop.
  • Another common use of stucco moldings in the apartment is edging of the doors, windows, alcove and fireplaces. Any window or door opening, framed with even minimal stucco modeling will look more solid. Also, polyurethane stucco moldings will become an excellent decision to highlight  any element of the interior and pay a maximum attention to it, for example, ceiling outlet, domes, columns or wall-mounted lamps. Stucco decoration has a different expression: from absolutely humble smooth structures for the fans of strict style to a variety of ornaments.
  • Another use of stucco moldings in the apartment, gaining popularity in the recent years is functional stucco moldings. Such stucco moldings are applied to hide the wire, cable or ventilation shaft passing through the walls. Placing lights under a cornice is also used very often. In such a way you can refuse from chandelier and create a soft, diffused lighting in the room.

The catalog of polyurethane stucco moldings with pictures of the design in the interior

If you are still in doubt whether buying polyurethane stucco moldings is a good idea, look through the product catalog in online shop. The catalog of stucco molding is equipped with comfortable and flexible navigation system, thanks to which you can easily find the desired product. In addition, the catalog contains a large number of pictures of stucco moldings in the interior, the description, specifications and price of stucco moldings. To choose stucco moldings design, you can contact the website support or take the opportunity of the sample order. But note that not all types of stucco moldings can be provided in the samples.

Buy polyurethane stucco moldings in the online shop with delivery

Asking help to the site manager you will receive professional advice on the issues of stucco moldings prices, methods of payment, purchase and delivery. So, you can buy polyurethane stucco moldings in the online shop at the touch of a button! Fast delivery of goods is carried out in the USA, Canada and around the world. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. We wish you to make a good choice and successful purchases!