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Non woven wall liner


The paintable non-woven lining paper for walls and ceilings

The paintable non-woven lining paper is a non-woven material used for walls and ceilings, made of cellulosic and textile fibers which are bounded with the polymer basis. The synonyms to the paintable non-woven lining paper are such names as repair non-woven lining paper, non-woven lining paper for construction, smooth non-woven lining paper, non-woven canvas , non-woven wallpaper, and others.

How to glue paintable non-woven lining paper? Advantages and features.

The paintable non-woven lining paper is widely spread on the market of the construction materials due to the number of its obvious advantages:

  • Ecological compatibility. Non-woven lining paper is absolutely safe, it does not contain PVC and pass moisture and air well.
  • Durability. Due to the high quality of the materials, it retains its appearance and characteristics for many years.
  • Easy to glue. Non-woven canvas firmly adheres to virtually any surface, whether it is a drywall, MDF, chipboard or concrete.
  • Strength. It has very high tear strength, so it is often used to reinforce walls and prevent the crack growth.
  • Good performance. The paintable non-woven lining paper does not stretch, does not shrink when wet, hides imperfections and improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of walls of the room.
  • Possibility of post-processing. Other finishing materials can be glued on the non-woven fabric, as well as it has be repeatedly repainted.
  • Easy dismantling. If necessary, it can be easily removed from the walls in a dry form, if a special paste is used for gluing.

Many people after convincing of the undeniable advantages of the paintable non-woven lining paper, wonder, "How to glue the paintable non-woven lining paper?". Below you will find an accurate and detailed description of the technology process of gluing the paintable non-woven lining paper:

1. First of all, it is necessary to achieve smoothness, dryness, and cleanliness of the surface to be glued. It is necessary to remove old wallpaper, the remains of plaster, paint, etc.
2. All cracks, potholes or holes shall be carefully filled with putty.
3. To achieve the desired level of absorbency of the surface, it must be pre-primed.
4. The next step is to apply a uniform layer of glue on the surface.
5. The paintable non-woven lining paper shall be applied on the surface pre-treated with the glue or paste in a dry form directly from the roll joint to joint and gently smoothed out from the center and the top to the edges.
6. After gluing the edge of non-woven canvas is cut off at the boundary of the floor.
7. Once the glue is dry, non-woven canvas can be painted or used as a base for other decorative works.

Non-woven fabric for painting

After gluing of non-woven fabric, you will obtain a durable, reliable, smooth and level surface that can be painted, wallpapered or decorate in any other way to your taste. The white non-woven fabric is most popular in the market, since the paint color retains its original appearance and looks natural only on a white background. Colored non-woven fabric is rarely used, and it should be chosen with a great care. This is because the colored non-woven fabric is difficult to repaint in the desired color.

Non-woven fabric for painting does not only allows you to change the design of the room several times at your own discretion, but also hide wall imperfections. Painting of the paintable non-woven lining paper does not take much time and can be performed by a person without special skills:

1. The paint is placed in a special tray, into which the roller is immersed and rolled until it is completely impregnated with the paint.
2. After that, the roller is squeezed and gradually, piece by piece, non-woven canvas is painted.
3. If you failed to make an even painting of the surface from the first time, it is necessary to re-process the poorly colored areas. Typically, the paintable non-woven lining paper is painted twice.

The paintable non-woven lining paper in the catalog with pictures

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